bali jb journalsI have a little secret to share…… I absolutely love the smell of bookshops and freshly brewed coffee!  In fact I have always dreamt of owning my own book and coffee shop.  Amazing coffee, a world of books and beautiful journals as far as the eye can see.

Imagine being surrounded by knowledge, fiction and fantasy all in a welcoming , cosy nook to sit and read for hours.  A place to getaway, to sit and enjoy the complex aromas of chocolate and vanilla notes extending from the freshly ground coffee and mixture of new and old vintage books carefully displayed on the shelves.

Somewhere to meet with a friend, a place for mother’s to gather for coffee while their children enjoy story time in the reading room where they can come dressed as their favourite fairy tale characters.   All dreams begin somewhere and this is how JB Journals was created……

The first step was research and brainstorming where I decided on a business to produce specialty designed notebooks that reflect my love for paper products.  I was keen to start a little trial of my dream in our local vintage market where I purchased my own small space to trade.  From there I created the brand JB Journals and my first design was crafted with a leather style soft cover embossed with the mandala logo of the JB Journals brand.  I sourced a manufacturer to provide the options for dotted and lined journals.   The dotted journals proved to be extremely popular selling out not long after hitting the market.  JB Journals current products provide an option between a blank (lined) notebook and a self-care version that comes with prompts to get you started on your self care journey.  The vision behind the first journal design was one of love and self care, a journal that is not like the mass produced replicas found in mainstream stores.

JB Journals are designed with quality and unique style in mind.

The next step on this journey is the development of new journal colours, styles and functions to add value to your daily life.  I plan increase the JB Journals brand across new markets while maintaining quality products.  I am excited to continue working on this amazing venture and incredibly grateful for your support along the way.

Books & Beans may still be a dream however “it is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope for today and the reality of tomorrow” Robert H Goddard.